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Reliable Upstream and Midstream Repair Services in Texas

Make sure your equipment functions properly with help from Reef Energy Systems. We offer maintenance programs and upstream and midstream repair services in Texas and nearby areas.

Upstream and Midstream Services List

- Refurbishing and Repair of Existing Equipment

When your existing equipment needs to be overhauled, repaired, or replaced, Reef Energy Systems can take care of it. We currently have two facilities in Texas that we can bring your equipment to if we can’t fix or refurbish it in the field. We also offer replacement equipment for the time that yours is off location.

- ASME Repair Services

We are ASME-certified to repair your existing equipment and return it back to you better than we received it.

- Complete Construction and Engineering Services

- Plant Maintenance Programs

- Preventive Maintenance (PM) Programs

We offer operators a variety of plans and packages to custom fit their equipment PM schedules and needs. Please contact us so we can better understand the scope and depth of the plan you need and better assist you with something that will also reduce your overhead and machine/man-hours on location.

- Training Courses for All Equipment

Reef Energy Systems offers upstream and midstream application training classes. The scope of these classes can range from specific single or multiple pieces of equipment up to entire facility walkthroughs. We format them specifically for who you want to be there and what you want us to cover with them. (i.e., pumpers learning to fix a flare or engineers learning best design practices and layouts with equipment walkthroughs and uses, etc.)

We also provide operators with educational courses on equipment preventive maintenance and standard operating procedures. The classes are held at a location of the operator’s choosing and can be for any number of personnel you want there. We have interactive Q&A during the courses.

The owner of Reef Energy Systems personally does these classes, as he has more than 30 years of engineering, manufacturing, and “wrench-turning” experience to offer for even the most experienced of your team. Combine that with his genuine love for the industry and a passion for teaching others, and you get a class that more than pays for itself.

About Our Services

Delivering Quality Results

At Reef Energy Systems, we work with our customers before, during, and after the completion of a project to ensure the following:

Available Any Time

We offer on-call and emergency field services for all equipment listed, including 3rd party ones. Our field technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide solutions to your equipment issues.

Detail Of Drilling Rig
Modular Facilities
Operator Production Gas

Professionals Who Get the Job Done Right

Project engineering is done in-house by our engineering staff. We also have field technicians capable of handling any new or existing 3rd party equipment that you may have on location.

Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

We don’t leave the location until the customer is taken care of, and we don’t pencil whip tickets to get it done either. At Reef Energy Systems, we pride ourselves on the one true aspect we have complete control over, and that is making sure we take care of our valued customers better than any other company can.